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Visualizing Cell Processes, 3rd edition (DVD): A Complete Curriculum for Cell Biology Instruction (includes Interactive Learning Guide) cover image

Visualizing Cell Processes, 3rd edition (DVD): A Complete Curriculum for Cell Biology Instruction (includes Interactive Learning Guide) 2003

Highly Recommended

Distributed by BioMEDIA Associates, PO Box 1234, Beaufort, SC 29901-1234; Toll-free: 877-661-5355
Produced by eBioMEDIA
Directed by eBioMEDIA
DVD, color

Sr. High - College
Biology, Health Sciences, Science, Teacher Training

Date Entered: 06/09/2004

Reviewed by Gloria Maxwell, Reference Librarian, Penn Valley Community College, Kansas City, MO

This exceptional DVD contains 50 full motion/live-action and animated modules that demonstrate the processes of cellular life. Starting with an overview of living cells, the program moves on to cover DNA structure and cell division, genetic code, organic molecules, cell movement, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and concludes with viruses. This program provides a visually engaging method of introducing students to cell biology. Currently in use by over 3500 high schools, colleges and universities, the 3rd edition offers formats for all instructional technologies.

Each topic is divided into 1-3 minute learning modules. The program is logically presented, but allows for students and instructors to easily navigate to any topic desired, without needing to access them in menu order. Students should respond favorably to variety of information and ease in moving between modules. Repeating a concept is easy and facilitates better understanding of complex concepts.

Instructors can effectively use this program to highlight elements of their lectures and to provide demonstrations that are engaging and attractive to students. The visual images can also be used in conjunction with lab and field investigations.

The interactive learning guide that accompanies this program allows students to navigate through 80 concepts of cell biology that presented through video clips. Information is clearly given and linked to glossaries, self-tests, and study posters.

Front-end menus allow immediate access to all topics on the disk. The digital images provide exceptional resolution. Slow-play and freeze-frame options allow instructors or students to slow down fast-moving behaviors for improved learning and analysis.

This comprehensive program covers the cell biology content taught in high school, AP biology, and beginning college courses. Extremely highly recommended