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Women in Electronics cover image

Women in Electronics 2006

Highly Recommended

Distributed by Her Own Words, PO Box 5264, Madison WI 53705-0264; 608-271-7083
Produced by Jocelyn Riley
Director n/a
DVD, color, 15 min.

Jr. High - Adult
Careers, Women's Studies,

Date Entered: 04/04/2007

Reviewed by Gloria Maxwell, Reference Librarian, Penn Valley Community College, Kansas City, MO

This DVD spotlights nine women working in the field of electronics—including electronics technicians, electrical engineers, and an author of technical books on electronics. The women interviewed emphasize the creative nature of electronics work. As one woman says, “You’re creating new knowledge, you’re creating new designs, you’re creating new approaches…we didn’t have cell phones thirty years ago and someone had to create the whole concept.” Electronics work is constantly changing because so much creativity is involved. Another woman “would strongly recommend it to anyone who likes to solve puzzles, anyone who likes to make things work.”

This is an excellent introduction to a nontraditional career choice for young girls and women who are interested in a creative work environment and may not have considered, or even know much about, the field of electronics. As with other nontraditional career fields, there is a certain amount of dealing skepticism from men in this same field. Some ethnic diversity is evident by the women interviewed, and shows that the electronic field can appeal across ethnic and racial boundaries.

The resource guide contains viewing notes for the video, the video script, and video discussion questions. Profiles of the nine women included in this DVD are accompanied by discussion starters, discussion questions, and a list of resources.

Titles in this series would be suitable for junior and senior high schools, as well as community colleges, especially when career planning is discussed.

Video and audio qualities are good and a pleasant soundtrack accompanies the presentation.

Highly recommended.

Her Own Words videos and resource guides have received many national awards, including the

  • Write Women Back Into History Award from the National Women’s History Project and the
  • Barb Landers Memorial Award from the Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education.