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Stolen Lives. (Drugs and Auto Theft) cover image

Stolen Lives. (Drugs and Auto Theft) 2008


Distributed by Chip Taylor Communications, 2 East View Drive, Derry, NH 03038-4812; 800-876-CHIP (2447)
Produced by Odd Squad Productions Society
Directed by Toby Hinton
DVD, color, 35 min.

Sr. High - Adult with viewer discretion advised
Criminal Justice

Date Entered: 02/25/2010

Reviewed by LaRoi Lawton, Library & Learning Resources Department, Bronx Community College of the City University of New York

Stolen Lives is part of Chip Taylor Communication’s Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Series produced by Odd Squad Productions Society. This film produced in Vancouver, British Columbia involves the lives of six auto theft criminals, (one of whom dies after crashing into an oncoming bus to avoid a parked car-and is only 14 years old) whose actions due to their drug use have caused irreparable damage to themselves and those who had the unfortunate circumstance of running into them. This film is dedicated to BradLey Gri and the countless others killed by drivers of stolen vehicles. The film delivers a strong message about the real-life consequences of drug use and driving-not only for the auto thieves involved, but the consequences of their actions when they kill innocent people. The fact that these people will one day be released from prison raises the question the wife of Bradley Gri raises: “does the punishment of six years in prison for stealing a car and causing the death of another person fit the crime?”

Recommended for high school, adult, college with viewer discretion advised.