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Bisexual Virgins: Crossing the Line cover image

Bisexual Virgins: Crossing the Line 2008


Distributed by Icarus Films, 32 Court St., 21st Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201; 800-876-1710
Produced by Deveaux Babin Productions
Directed by Suzanne Babin and Leona Gilbert
DVD, color, 43 min.

College - Adult
Gay and Lesbian Studies, Psychology, Sociology

Date Entered: 07/08/2010

Reviewed by Wendy Highby, University of Northern Colorado

This provocatively-titled documentary tracks two young Toronto women as they question their sexual orientation. These “bi-curious” women-- 28 year-old Tina Ames and 23 year-old Samantha Smith--speak extensively about their feelings regarding sexual identity and preference. The camera follows them as they explore the Toronto bisexual nightclub scene, attend workshops, and go out on a few dates. Several talking heads offer expert commentary on the social and psychological issues surrounding bisexuality. These experts include Robyn Ochs, bisexual advocate and writer; Dr. Irvin Wolkoff, psychiatrist; Corey Silverberg, sex educator; Ilaneet Goren, social worker and gay rights advocate; and Deb Singh, organizer. These authorities provide a sympathetic and knowledgeable context for this exploration of sexual identity. They emphasize that sexual orientation manifests on a continuum and that diversity is healthy. They stress that it is important to have genuine options, and they speak of common misconceptions and fears surrounding bisexuality. This film is appropriate for mature teens and twenty-somethings. It is an honest, revealing, and sensitive exploration of sexual identity and would support curriculum in health education, sociology, and psychology.