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J.P. Donleavy:  I Write About People I Like cover image

J.P. Donleavy: I Write About People I Like 2012


Distributed by Rina Sherman
Produced by ACA LTFA
Directed by Rina Sherman
DVD, color, 65 min.

Jr. High - General Adult
Biography, Drama, Storytelling, Writing

Date Entered: 06/26/2014

Reviewed by Brad Eden, Ph.D., Dean of Library Services, Valparaiso University

This title is part of a DVD series called VOICES: Meetings with Remarkable People. The filmmaker and interviewer is Rina Sherman, who holds a number of informal interviews and conversations with various individuals who have had an influence in a number of fascinating areas. This particular DVD is a conversation with J.P. Donleavy, a writer and playwright best known for his first novel, The Ginger Man (1965). Donleavy discusses many of the characters within his novels, and reads from his newest and yet to be published (as of the writing of this review) The Unexpurgated Code. Sherman's background as a filmmaker and anthropologist has put her in touch with many interesting personages throughout her career, and this series attempts to talk with these people in an informal and casual manner—about their lives, careers, and passions. Anyone who enjoys detailed biographical information related to writing and filmmaking will enjoy this DVD, along with many of the others in this series.