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In the Steps of Trisha Brown cover image

In the Steps of Trisha Brown 2016


Distributed by Icarus Films, 32 Court St., 21st Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201; 800-876-1710
Produced by Kaleo Films
Directed by Marie-Helene Rebois
DVD, color, 79 min.

General Adult

Date Entered: 05/16/2017

Reviewed by Barb Kundanis, Longmont Public Library, Longmont, CO

In the Steps of Trisha Brown follows Lisa Kraus and Carolyn Lucas (who had worked with Brown) as they teach the piece Glacial Decoy to the Paris Opera Ballet. Besides walking through the choreography with the dancers and breaking it down, they also show older footage of the piece and other works with Trisha Brown and company dancing.

The fact that this dance piece is silent (except for the slide projector clicks that accompany the Robert Rauschenberg photos which are the changing backdrop) makes it even more of a challenge to teach. Kraus and Lucas blend Brown's philosophy and their memories to inspire the dancers.

This film contains beautiful footage of dancers rehearsing in the studio and on stage. Dance students will appreciate the attention paid to technique and style. Viewers will enjoy a backstage look at what is involved in passing on this choreography to a new generation. Trisha Brown died in March of this year and this film preserves part of her legacy.