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Ask the Sexpert    cover image

Ask the Sexpert 2017


Distributed by Good Docs

Directed by Vaishali Sinha
DVD , color, 88 min., Hindi and English

High School - General Adult
Birth Control, Contraception, Counseling, Education, Popular Culture, Sexuality

Date Entered: 07/12/2018

Reviewed by Linda Frederiksen, Washington State University, Vancouver, WA

Despite the existence of the Kama Sutra, the ancient Hindu text devoted to the topic, many modern-day Indians have deficient knowledge about human sexual behavior. According to the filmmaker, who won several awards for her previous documentary about surrogate mothers (Made in India), Indians often lack basic information about birth control, sexual dysfunction, consent and other issues related to gender equality and health. At the same time, a morally conservative political movement blames sex education and an open discussion about sex as the cause of increased sexual violence. Whether it is a cause or result of misinformation and myth, comprehensive sex education is banned in nearly one-third of all Indian states.

Enter Dr. Mahinder Watsa, a 90+ year old former OB-GYN and consultant for the Family Planning Association of India. In addition to meeting with people who drop by his home office or stop him on the streets of Mumbai, his popular daily sex column in the Mumbai Mirror has thousands of devoted readers. Sinha good-naturedly intersperses clips of the non-judgemental humorous Watsa with conservative and traditional advocate Pratibha Naitthani, along with his patients and his fans.

A shorter version (59 min.) of the film is also available. This entertaining overview of a serious and universal topic is recommended for general audiences and human development courses.