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Complicit 2019


Distributed by Bullfrog Films, PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547; 800-543-FROG (3764)
Produced by Heather White
Directed by Heather White and Lynn Zhang
Streaming, color, 89 mins

High School - General Adult
Activism; Human Rights; Labor Relations

Date Entered: 11/08/2019

Reviewed by Barb Kundanis, Longmont Public Library, Longmont, CO

This documentary focuses on the plight of Chinese workers dealing with the toxic environments of Foxconn factories, a supplier to Apple and Samsung. Many teens from country villages come to the big city of Guangzhou to make money for their families. These teen migrant workers are then exposed to benzene and n-hexane (used to wipe cell phone screens) with some developing leukemia.

Yi Yeting is a Labor Action China activist with leukemia. He advocates along with others for workplace safety. Many workers relate their personal stories and one sadly commits suicide.

The film shines a light on a global occupational health problem and shares important information to educate the audience regarding this subject. Students and those interested in human rights and global activism will benefit from this examination.


Grand Jury Prize, Best Documentary, FIFDH Paris, Alliance Cine, International Human Rights Film Festival