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Confessions of a Social Bully  cover image

Confessions of a Social Bully 2017

Highly Recommended

Distributed by Good Docs
Produced by Lisa Cohen and Eleni Ledesma
Directed by Lisa Cohen
Streaming, 15 mins

Middle School - General Adult
Mental Health; Psychology; Sociology

Date Entered: 07/21/2021

Reviewed by Andrew Koval, MSLS

Confessions of a Social Bully concisely demonstrates the importance of mental health in junior high school. This message is conveyed through the reflections of a reformed school bully. Instances of her anti-social behavior are detailed within the scope of a single victim. Viewers will empathize with the victim. What’s more, this piece unravels the psychological underpinnings of these abuses. Insightful.

The film offers first-hand accounts, photographs of those involved, narration and animations recreating the events. These features make for engaging content. The events are relayed chronologically allowing for easier comprehension. Unexpectedly, there is a positive resolution in-respect to an often disheartening subject.

Audiences will gain a better understanding of the importance of mental health for youth, particularly in a school environment. Best suited for school libraries. To be shown in classrooms or workshops for students, staff and faculty coordinated through a school’s guidance office.

Winner Best Short: Children's Film Festival, Seattle 2017.

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