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Mother, I am Suffocating. This is my Last Film About You  cover image

Mother, I am Suffocating. This is my Last Film About You 2019


Distributed by Collective Eye Films, 1315 SE 20th Ave. #3, Portland OR 97214; 971-236-2056
Produced by Jeremiah Lemohang Moses
Directed by Jeremiah Lemohang Moses
Streaming, 76 mins

General Adult
Africa; Documentary

Date Entered: 03/31/2022

Reviewed by Johnnie N. Gray, Technology Services Librarian, Christopher Newport University

A monochromatic concept about Africa as a mother. More of an art house film without a clear narrative. It is an artistic approach to where someone comes from and what is left behind. An occasional poetic voice pops up with a forced pain, stating some internal dialog that has managed to push itself out as a last resort. At a few points, the film is monotonous to keep track of what is going on, and at other times, clearly symbolic with the vision of the artist. Moses composes scenes rhythmic with calm at times and borderline chaos in others. The viewer is met with scenes of unspooled thread, the dragging of a cross, and eyes randomly blurred evoking more questions than answers. A sense of foreboding and reluctance is ever present but never truly realized.

This film has been described as a poem of regret and moving forward, leaving one life for another. Suitable for the general public or college students of art as well as those interested in film making. This film may be difficult for younger viewers to watch due to the lack of an obvious narrative.

2019 Official Selection, Berlin International Film Festival; 2019 Official Selection, Sheffield International Film Festival

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