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The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet cover image

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet 2020

Not Recommended

Distributed by Pragda, 302 Bedford Ave., #136, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Produced by Laura Huberman, Pablo Ingercher, Ana Katz, and Ramiro Pavon
Directed by Ana Katz
Streaming, 73 mins

Middle School - General Adult

Date Entered: 06/22/2022

Reviewed by Ray Boucher, Lecturer of Theater and Film (SUNY Buffalo State, SUNY Geneseo, GCC, NCCC) and actor

Ana Katz’s The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet, filmed in digital Black and White, and occasionally interspersed with sketches, follows several years in the life of the film’s protagonist, Sebastian (played with gentle pathos by Daniel Katz), whose journey as a somewhat itinerant worker begins because of the eponymous dog. We follow Daniel from job to job, and major life event to major life event, including losing his dog, falling in love, having a child, and dealing with a strange environmental catastrophe that poisons the atmosphere above four feet from the ground.

Taken scene by scene, there are some very naturalistic performances and compelling shots, but where the film falls short is a lack of cohesive narrative. We never really get to know, in depth, the protagonist or the characters who people his life. The dramatic jumps in time never allow for strong character development nor a central story to unfold. The film is subtle and quiet, and may be a commentary on class, but, if so, it doesn’t make any strong statements.

ARGENTORES Award, DAC Prize for Best Argentine Director, and SICA Award: Mar del Plata Film Festival; Big Screen Award: Rotterdam International Film Festival; Seattle International Film Festival, Special Jury Prize

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