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A Sexplanation cover image

A Sexplanation 2021


Distributed by Passion River Films, 154 Mt. Bethel Rd., Warren, NJ 07059; 732-321-0711
Produced by Stephen Flynn
Directed by Alex Liu
Streaming, 81 mins

College - General Adult
Sexual Behavior; Social Psychology

Date Entered: 08/01/2022

Reviewed by Julie M. Feighery, Head of Research and Outreach Services, Indiana University South Bend

Alex Liu, a 36-year old science and health reporter, reflects upon his childhood sex education experience during the 1990s era of abstinence culture and “just say no” and asks the question “What happens to a country raised to fear sex?” Liu interviews his parents, an adolescent psychologist, sex researchers, sex therapists, a priest, a representative from Pornhub, and more to examine sexuality from a variety of angles. Most impressive is Liu’s examination of the discussion (or lack thereof) of sexuality and the importance of letting go of shame. Liu focuses on the shame he felt as a teenager who was coming to terms with being gay and his discussions with his parents, which bookend the film, come back to the idea that families need to be more communicative about sexuality. In an era where sexuality is being attacked on several fronts, this message is critically important.

Asian American International Film Festival, Audience Award; Cinequest San Jose Film Festival, Audience Award; Audience Award for Documentary Feature, Inside Out LGBT Film Festival; Best Documentary Feature, Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival; Best Documentary Feature, DC APA Film Festival; Donor’s Choice Feature Film, Phoenix Film Festival

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