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A Hunting Lesson cover image

A Hunting Lesson 2001

Highly Recommended

Distributed by National Film Board of Canada, 1123 Broadway, Suite 307, New York, NY 10010; 800-542-2164
Produced by National Film Board of Canada
Directed by Jacques Drouin
VHS, color, 13 min.

All Ages
Children's Literature, Education

Date Entered: 11/09/2018

Reviewed by LaRoi Lawton, Library & Learning Resources Department, Bronx Community College of the City University of New York

Antoine is very curious about his next-door neighbor. Rumor has it that he did lots of things all over the world. One of the rumors has him as a big game hunter who hunted and killed many animals in Africa. Convincing the neighbor to teach him how to hunt, Antoine and the neighbor set out to explore the wilderness and look for big game. Along the way, the hunter teaches Antoine about gun safety by explaining to him how he shot is toe off by not having the safety switch on one day when he went hunting. As they Travel further and further into the woods, the hunter then relates another story to Antoine Which explains why he stopped hunting all together. One day he was hunting with friends and noticed that the eyesight of the rifle was off. Or so he believed. He sauntered off by himself to set the sights properly and came across what appears to be hyenas playing in a tree. He takes aim at a large one and shoots it. The Hyena falls from the tree shot dead. What happens next leaves the viewer wondering whether or not the hunter shot an animal or a person because the animals appear to surround their fallen comrade, cry and carry him off. Antoine is struck by this story and when he sees a large moose he decides not to shoot the animal. So while he had expected to come out and learn how to hunt, Antoine learns that life is very precious and should be respected at all levels.

Highly recommended for Grades 6 to Adult.