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Blowback: The 9/11 Wars in Global Film cover image

Blowback: The 9/11 Wars in Global Film

2019, Streaming, 30 mins
Distributed by Bullfrog Films, PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547; 800-543-FROG (3764)
Produced by Terence McSweeney and George Lee


Subjects: Film; Military; War
Date Entered:09/26/22

If You Can Ever Get Back cover image

If You Can Ever Get Back

2020, Streaming, 100 mins
Distributed by Good Docs
Produced by Taylor Lee Nagel, Emma Findlen LeBlanc, and Philip Sands

Recommended with Reservations

Subjects: Medicine; Mental health; Military
Date Entered:11/07/22

Padauk: Myanmar Spring cover image

Padauk: Myanmar Spring

2021, Streaming, 56 mins
Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources, 108 Water Street, 5A, Watertown, MA 02472; 617-926-0491
Produced by Gregg Butensky

Highly Recommended

Subjects: Activism; History; Social Movement
Date Entered:09/26/22