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Sediments cover image


2021, Streaming, 81 mins
Distributed by Pragda, 302 Bedford Ave., #136, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Produced by Adrián Silvestre and Javier Pérez Santana

Recommended with Reservations

Subjects: LGBTQIA+; Transgenderism
Date Entered:04/20/23

Stolen Spirits cover image

Stolen Spirits

2022, Streaming, 31 mins
Distributed by epf media, 324 S. Beverly Drive, PMB 437, Beverly Hills, CA 90212; 310-839-1500
Produced by Anne Worthington

Highly Recommended

Subjects: Indigenous Peoples; US History
Date Entered:02/01/24

The Time of Fireflies cover image

The Time of Fireflies

2022, Streaming, 52 mins
Distributed by The Video Project, 145 - 9th St., Suite 230, San Francisco, CA 94103; 800-475-2638
Produced by Mattis Appelqvist Dalton and Matteo Robert Morales

Highly Recommended

Subjects: Family relations; Immigration
Date Entered:04/20/23