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No Regret (Non, Je Ne Rien) cover image

No Regret (Non, Je Ne Rien) 1992 (Re-mastered 2009, 2010)


Distributed by Frameline, 145 Ninth St., Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94103; 415-703-8650
Produced by Marlon T. Riggs
Directed by Marlon T. Riggs
DVD, color, 38 min.

Sr. High - Adult
Gay and Lesbian Studies, Gender Studies, Psychology, Sociology

Date Entered: 08/18/2010

Reviewed by LaRoi Lawton, Library & Learning Resources Department, Bronx Community College of the City University of New York

Marlon T. Riggs received many awards throughout his short life:

  • The Berlin International Film Festival Teddy Award for Best Documentary Film Award, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Independent/Experimental Film or Video Award, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Individual Craft Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research, all for Tongues Untied, 1990
  • American Film Institute Independent Film and Video Artists Award; George Foster Peabody Award, Outstanding Achievement Award from the International Documentary Association, and Erik Barnouw Award from the Organization of American Historians, for Color Adjustment 1992
  • Sundance Film Festival Filmmaker's Trophy in Documentary, for Black Is. . . Black Ain't, 1995.
He died in Oakland, California, on April 5th 1994, of complications from AIDS.

Riggs continued his filmmaking, turning out a documentary about the experiences of HIV positive gay black men entitled No Regrets in 1992. He did this despite the onset of complications from the very infection he was documenting. In this documentary “…five sero-positive gay black men speak of their individual conflict with AIDS, illustrating the difficult journey men of color throughout America make in coping with the personal and social devastation of the epidemic.” (distributor’s description) It is gut wrenching, warm, and devastating as you watch these men express their love, pain, isolation, and controversy as they go through their individual struggles with AIDS.