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The Pushouts cover image

The Pushouts 2018

Highly Recommended

Distributed by Good Docs
Produced by Katie Galloway, Dawn Valadez, and Daniella Brower Sueuga
Directed by Katie Galloway
DVD, 56 mins

High School - General Adult
Criminal Justice; Education; Social Work

Date Entered: 10/24/2019

Reviewed by Margaret M. Reed, Riley-Hickingbotham Library, Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, AR

"The term “mentor” is often misapplied and cliché. But when Viktor Rios wears that label, it means those under his wing have a fighting chance to be transformed just as he was.

The Pushouts chronicles Rios’ incredible story, a journey that began in abject poverty and gang life and came full-circle to his earning a PhD and becoming a university professor. In between these two extremes was a bridge of caring and persistent educators who encouraged Rios to find himself. Years later, when one of those teachers asked Rios to return to his hometown to lead a summer program for teens on the edge, he embraced the opportunity to continue the legacy of those who invested in him. Joining Rios were a talented corps of young teachers, some of whom Rios mentored only a short time before. Innovative and enthusiastic, they relate to the students academically and emotionally. The camera captures this special connection and the great strides each student makes throughout the program.

Eye-opening and inspiring, The Pushouts is a powerful reminder that the best mentors are those who’ve been down the same path as their students. They see their life experiences as a gift that must be shared with the next generation. They tap students’ potential and equip them to move beyond their circumstances.

Highly recommended for all libraries, The Pushouts is an essential resource for courses in education, counseling, sociology, and criminal justice.

To learn more about Rios and his approach to helping students who may seem out of reach, watch his TED Talk