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Fire Will Come  cover image

Fire Will Come 2019

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Distributed by Kimstim, 417 13th Street #2, Brooklyn, New York 11215
Produced by Mani Montazavi and Andrea Queralt
Directed by Oliver Laxe
Streaming, 85 mins

College - General Adult
Crime; Farming; Spain

Date Entered: 05/08/2020

Reviewed by Johnnie N. Gray, Technology Services Librarian, Christopher Newport University

This is a feature film that tackles the subject matter of a crime of pyromania and reintroduction into the world after prison. The two main characters are played by nonprofessional actors and with minimal dialogue, the viewer is left to focus on the pastoral scenery. One of the themes that comes to the surface is an encroachment on tradition - symbolized by non-native eucalyptus trees and loggers that are tearing up the forests around the village. The narrative is extremely faint, and most viewers will wonder what they finished watching when the film is over. Written and directed by Oliver Laxe (Mimosas, You Are All Captains), Fire Will Come explores the psychology and consequences behind a crime. Visually lush, the film is stronger visually and weaker in the storytelling.

Like many European films, the open-ended final scene leaves the viewer with more questions than answers. In fact, after seeing the film, viewers may wonder what the purpose of creating the film was. Suitable for college audiences, especially those in filmmaking and foreign language.


Un Certain Regard 2019 - Cannes Film Festival