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Recovering Ruffin cover image

Recovering Ruffin 2020

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Distributed by Good Docs
Produced by Katy Kraul and Kelby Wood
Directed by Katy Kraul and Kelby Wood
Streaming, 15 mins

College - General Adult
Applied Behavioral Analysis; Autism Spectrum Disorder

Date Entered: 03/04/2021

Reviewed by Bradley Long, Embedded Health Sciences Librarian, Pennsylvania State University

This video is a short biographical documentary of the life of Ruffin White, featuring family home videos. He is an adult on the autism spectrum, leading a fully functional life. In addition to childhood home videos, it also features current interviews with the main character, his mother, and his childhood therapist. Because of the lower audio quality of the older home videos (from the 1990s), it is best viewed with closed captioning on.

Recovering Ruffin serves well as supplemental video for autism spectrum disorder-related coursework. It especially serves well as a case report of an individual who has successfully completed applied behavior analysis (ABA). The video lacks significant background information on this type of therapy, but does focus on an individual long-term success story. Due to the limited background information provided in this documentary, it should not be considered as a core content resource for either autism spectrum disorder or ABA.

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