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We Have Reached the Moment cover image

We Have Reached the Moment 2019


Distributed by Good Docs
Produced by Christi Cooper
Directed by Christi Cooper and Liz Smith
Streaming, 33 mins

High School - General Adult
Climate Change; Climate Justice; Family Relations

Date Entered: 10/21/2022

Reviewed by Victoria Dawkins, FYE and Student Success Librarian, Purdue University

Best Documentary 2021 award winner, We Have Reached the Moment, follows Vic Barret an African American, trans-man and climate change activists and his evolving relationship with his traditionalist, Christian father. Vic is seen speaking with the United Nations and describing his on-going constitutional climate change lawsuit against the United States, the largest emission producer in the world.

His father, however, appears staunchly opposed to the definition and effects of climate change. We learn that Vic’s father is an educated, Muslim, African American man with conservatively minded views on the role of government in managing and increasing our country’s carbon emissions. During interactions with his son, he states that he finds it difficult to believe that human beings could have such a drastic impact on the environment.

However, although he has these ideals, he is open to having exploratory conversations with his son and other climate change activists.

He understands that human beings have influenced the climate. And that the data showing rising sea levels, melting polar ice caps and a multitude of other issues are directly related to these effects. However, the overall ideal of ‘climate change’ he finds hard to believe, as well as the idea that God and not people, has the most impact on the environment. He concluded and agreed with his son, that he needed more information and will be more open in welcoming these conversations with Vic.

Although Vic has these experiences and understands the purpose and value of climate change advocacy, he initially struggles articulating these issues to his father. As the film progresses Vic becomes more adept at articulating his position on climate change and why it is valuable. Vic has improved his knowledge, expertise and verbiage concerning climate change, whereas his father has become less adept in articulating exactly why he is a climate change denier, especially in the face of irreputable evidence arguing the contrary.

Overall, We Have Reached the Moment would be appropriate for professors of climate justice, climate change, and family dynamics and interactions. Although the film is short, approximately 30 minutes, the pacing and flow remained consistent. The film was insightful, poignant, and well-paced and would be a welcome addition to college or high school level curriculum.

Best Documentary Short 2021,Footcandle Film Festival

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