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Unity Mosque cover image

Unity Mosque 2022


Distributed by Good Docs
Produced by Nicole Teeny and Jordan Ehrlich
Directed by Nicole Teeny
Streaming, 6 mins

High School - General Adult
Homosexuality; Islam; Muslims

Date Entered: 02/22/2023

Reviewed by Lara Fountaine, Community Engagement and Visitor Relations Librarian, NC State University Libraries

Unity Mosque is a short film about one of the world's first queer-affirming and gender-equal mosque. Co-founded by Imam El-Farouk and his husband Troy, Unity Mosque aims to provide an inclusive space for all Muslims.

This film succinctly tells the story of Unity Mosque and the impact it has had on Muslims, particularly those who, in the past, have felt unwelcome in Islam. In the run time of only 6 minutes, we learn about the origins of the mosque, hear the stories of two practicing Muslims, and learn how the mosque operates. This film provides a unique perspective on Islam that we don't often see. My only issue is that I wish it was longer.

This film is recommended for general audiences or academic institutions. Due to its short nature, it would best be used as a supplement to other instruction about Islam.

Best Directing, LGBTQ Toronto Film Festival

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